As a nation, we love our food and drink yet invariably overlook the product packaging and labelling process it has to go through before it reaches the market. Many vital elements go into preparing a product for sale, meeting food safety standards by correctly using packaged food labels for your product is essential.  Labels are massively important when preparing your product for marketing and sale, they need to be produced using strict criteria, in line with Food Labelling Regulations. It’s a big deal and in today’s blog, we will discuss the question of ‘What are the labels on packaged food?’ and how can Croft Printing help your business produce visually appealing and informative labels.
packaged food labels

What are packaged food labels?

Packaged food labels are any tag, brand, mark or other descriptive matter, written, printed, stencilled, marked or impressed on a container of food or food product. These labels provide mandatory information to consumers which must be accurate and can be instrumental in helping consumers make better food choices.

What does a food label need to be?

There are many categories in the consumables industry however, in general, all labels across the board must be:
Easily visible
Not misleading
Have basic information and warnings if needed
Easy to understand
There are specific requirements and regulations for different business sectors, like wineries or caterers, however, all rules need to follow the strictest guidelines to make sure the consumer gets the best and safest product possible.

What needs to be on my packaged food label?

Throughout the UK there are strict regulations that need to be adhered to and specific information displayed on your labels, these include:
The name of the food
A ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date
Any necessary warnings
Net quantity information
A list of ingredients (if there is more than 1)
The country or place of origin, if required
The lot number or use-by date
Any special storage conditions
Instructions for use or cooking, if necessary
If in England, Wales and Scotland, the name and address of the UK or EU business that is responsible for the information on the food must be included. If in Northern Ireland, the name and address of the Northern Irish or EU business responsible for the information on the food must be included.
If you would like to know more about what needs to be on your labels, please click here.

Why are regulations important?

Governments around the world and in particular the UK recognise that ‘food fraud’ from large corporations could have a major impact on the world population so have taken preventative measures to ensure that companies cannot deliberately mislead consumers through false representations on a package. At Croft Printing, we understand this impact and will work with you to ensure all labelling information is correct, so your product information complies with all relevant laws and regulations.
Made a mistake on your packaging? This can often be costly and result in heavy fines if not addressed. Worry not, at Croft Printing we have a solution! Our expert error correction system can fix errors and, with a quick turnaround time, we can save your business money on new launches, recalls and pesky fines.

Where do I get food packaged labels?

Our expert team have been working with blue chip supermarkets for decades and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to supply visually appealing and approved labels to fit your product. Croft Printing specialises in producing food packaged labels and as a BRCGS Certified company, we know how to help you make your products stand out.

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