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Discover the versatility of self-adhesive labels with Croft Printing, With over 30 years of expertise in providing cutting-edge labelling solutions in Nottingham. Our extensive experience extends to serving leading UK brands. Specialising in food labels, our precision-crafted self-adhesive labels not only meet but exceed the stringent standards of large food manufacturers. Whether for product identification, branding or compliance, Croft Printing is your trusted partner, delivering quality self-adhesive labels tailored to enhance your packaging and meet the unique needs of businesses in Nottingham and beyond.

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Explore the Possibilities with Our Self-adhesive Labels

In our label production hub, we boast an array of self-adhesive labels crafted to meet your exact needs. The flexibility is endless, allowing us to produce labels in any size, shape or colour. With a vast library featuring over 1300 dies, you can easily choose the perfect fit for your requirements. If you have unique ideas in mind, our bespoke cutters offer exciting possibilities – whether it’s a heart shape or a Christmas tree outline, we can bring your distinctive vision to life.

Our commitment to customisation extends to the application process. Whether you prefer hand or machine application, you can seamlessly integrate our labels into your workflow. We can provide them on reels or sheets. For projects requiring an extra level of precision, our dedicated in-house team specialises in the meticulous hand application of labels on various packaging, with regular contracts including salad and fruit tray bases.

Recognising the individuality of each project, our friendly team is ready to assist you in navigating the intricacies of self-adhesive labels. From project briefs to meeting deadlines, we are here to ensure that your label requirements align seamlessly with your vision. At our core, it’s more than just providing labels; it’s about delivering a personalised experience.

When you choose to partner with us for self-adhesive labels in Nottingham, you can trust that our commitment is not just to the product but to support you and your team in achieving the exceptional results you deserve. Your success is our priority!

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Label Types and Applications

As a BRC accredited company, our expertise in crafting self-adhesive labels extends to meeting the highest standards for all packaging environments. Whether you require labels for hand or machine application, we offer the flexibility of supplying them on sheets or reels to suit your operational needs.

We provide solutions that align with various industry requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of adhesives, each designed for specific applications. Choose from permanent, removable, freezer-friendly, tamper-proof and special BS approved adhesives crafted to withstand harsh environments. This versatility ensures that our labels are not only compliant but also perfectly suited for diverse applications.

Our client range spans across various industry sectors, showcasing the adaptability of our self-adhesive labels. From the food and drink industry to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, gifts, vape stores and garden centers, our labels find application in a multitude of settings. Partner with us and let our self-adhesive labels become an integral part of your packaging strategy, meeting industry regulations and exceeding expectations.

Permanent self adhesive labels

Permanent adhesive, the most cost-effective option, adheres firmly, ensuring labels remain securely in place. Designed to be non-removable, these labels require solvents for removal or application to specifically prepared surfaces. Attempting removal typically results in destruction, making permanent adhesive ideal for products where long-term attachment is essential.

Semi Permanent self adhesive labels

Semi-permanent labels, also known as repositionable labels, initially offer flexibility akin to removable labels. Adjustments are possible upon application, but over a few days, the adhesive composition transforms, permanently affixing the label. This makes semi-permanent labels a versatile choice, especially for items like giftware and paper-based products, where temporary visibility is crucial.

Peelable / Removable self adhesive labels

Peelable adhesives find their utility in scenarios where a label needs to remain securely attached but also be easily removable without leaving residue. Ideal for products like giftware, report pads and greetings cards, peelable adhesives strike the right balance between adhesion and ease of removal. The label stays intact, leaving surfaces clean when removed. Removable labels offer the convenience of easy removal from most surfaces, with the adhesive staying on the label itself. 

Freezer self adhesive labels

Freezer self-adhesive labels, engineered to endure extreme temperatures, maintain adhesion without cracking or coming unstuck. To account for potential surface reactions, especially for products that undergo cooking processes, we recommend testing material samples. It is crucial to consider the effects of heat on adhesives in this scenario.

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