Here at Croft Printing, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent labels that meet our clients’ exact specifications. The process of label printing is complex and involves several detailed procedures to ensure that the final product is perfect. From the initial artwork to the final shipping of labels, each phase is carefully managed. Here’s an in-depth look at our label printing process:
label printing


We start the process of producing labels with a meeting or telephone conversation with clients to discuss every requirement of the labels we are creating. This phase is crucial for us to understand our clients needs and expectations. During this quoting stage, we gather detailed specifications, such as label dimensions, material preferences, quantity and any special features. Based on these details, we provide a cost estimate that includes materials, printing, finishing and shipping.
During this meeting, our team will also review any of your artwork for print readiness, check file formats, colour schemes (typically CMYK for print) and resolution to ensure everything is in order. If any adjustments are needed, our designers can amend the artwork to ensure the labels will print correctly. A pdf proof will be emailed to you for approval before we move forward.


Once the artwork is approved, we enter the preparation phase. We prepare the approved artwork file for printing, select the label stock, for example paper, polypropylene etc. We may use an adhesive based on the application and the client’s requirements. We select inks that match the colours in your design, considering factors like durability and resistance to various elements.


We use various methods of printing which would predominantly include flexographic printing or digital printing depending on the volume required and the number of variants. Quality control checks are conducted throughout to ensure colour accuracy and consistency in order to meet the highest standards.

Finishing and Die-Cutting

Once printing is complete, your labels will often require additional finishing processes to enhance their appearance and functionality. Finishing can include lamination, where a protective film is applied to the labels to add durability and resistance to moisture, chemicals and abrasion. We also offer varnishing to add a gloss, matt or satin finish to the labels, enhancing their visual appeal and providing extra protection.
At the die-cutting stage, we create a custom die, based on the label shape and size, which cuts the labels from the printed material. The labels go through the die-cutting process, which cuts out each label, including any perforations or scoring for easy removal of the label and application.


After the labels are cut, they need to be prepared for shipping and application. Typically, labels are wound onto rolls for easy application by hand or by machine. The roll size and core diameter are specified, by the client, to match your application equipment.


The final stage in our process is shipping the labels to you. A final inspection is conducted to ensure all labels meet our stringent, quality standards and that your order is complete. We carefully package the labels to prevent damage during transit.
The packaged labels are then shipped using your preferred shipping method, ranging from local deliveries to same day courier or overnight carrier services.
The experienced and reliable team at Croft Printing understands that the process of label printing involves multiple steps to ensure the highest quality end product. From the initial quotation to final shipping, each phase plays a vital role in producing accurate and distinctive labels that meet all your expectations